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Client: Momentum Transport Consultancy
Date: November 2017
Momentum are an award winning, expanding Transport Consultancy practice based in Clerkenwell. Popcorn were tasked with developing a new brand strategy and visual identity based on their strong foundations and success in order for them to grow and reach the next level.

"The way the world moves. By design".

We started the project with a venn diagram which represents Momentum as an integrated consultancy. 3 key areas (Planning, Analytics and Engineering) all play a vital part in Momentum’s expertise and are inter-related. Previously referred to as a “transport planning” consultancy, Momentum is in fact a “transport consultancy” where 3 areas inform each other, delivering expertise much beyond what used to be known as transport planning.

The world is constantly, permanently moving and Momentum’s expertise is to design and optimise this continuous dynamic. The new logo is based on an “endless” line drawing. The shape created reflects an “energy” that keeps changing. Transport accelerates, slows down, etc... So the line shape is rounded but not regular, its asymmetry brings inertia and vitality. The world is alive. It also represents project lifecycles, involvement from concept, throughout design, to planning and operation, all forming one entity, as per the strategic venn diagram.

Backing up the connection between 3 areas creating Momentum’s expertise, the logo is made of 3 external colours, which, when added, create a central combination. The 3 external areas are vibrant, modern, “alive” and their sum create a rich, deep, confident expertise.

The website user journey was designed as a reflection of the logo: an infinite cycle of discovery, inviting the viewer to keep on reading about Momentum's work, under different angles. An iconic visual language has been developed to back up the new concept, easing navigation, and appearing across all literature.

The final delivery of assets included all their company templates for reports, technical notes and proposals, giving Momentum complete independence.
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